Pension offers individuals the opportunity to have a free PENSION REVIEW to see the performance of their current pension.

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Confused about your pension?

Your not alone - over 80% are currently underperforming.
Explore various options for improved performance.  
A Free Pension Review can find out if yours is one of them, as well as uncovering any old pensions you may have forgotten about with no obligation. With Pension Fund returns and Annuity pay-outs at all-time lows, it is more important than ever to ensure your money is working as well as it can for you.
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Pensions are crucial to your retirement. 

Understanding your savings and the income yield.
Planning for your future is the best course of action.
Almost a quarter of all people over 30 have not considered how they will survive financially when they retire, and of the people that have considered there future, the majority will have pensions that are not working for them as well as they should be. Now is the time to act to ensure you are prepared for the relaxing retirement you deserve.
These are some questions to ask yourself to see if you could benefit from our Pension Review service:
  • Do you know exactly how much money you have saved in all of your pensions?
  • Are you sure of what returns you are getting from your current pension plan?
  • Do you know where your money is being invested?
  • Are you aware of the fees and charges associated with your different pensions? (They are often higher than you may think, especially if you have more than one plan)
  • Do you know how much income your current pensions will give you in your retirement? Will it be enough to sustain your current standard of living?
Knowing the answers will deliver piece of mind
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After talking with a friendly staff member from, they helped me locate a long forgotten pension from a previous job as well as highlighting my current pension's poor performance. They helped me move these funds into a new, high performing fund and made the process effortless!

Mrs Perch