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Understanding your pensions and the performance of them, could play a big difference in your retirement. PR offers a unique service whereby we can explore on your behalf how your pensions are performing. Plus offer various alternative options to help improve your and show you the best pension plans.

Pension review service

PR service offers individuals the chance to explore their current plans performance. By signing an LOA we can contact your providers on your behalf and provide you with a detailed review.

Best Pension Plans

Once one of our dedicated team explores your current plans they can assist on showing the best pensions plans available on the market place today.

Review companies

There are a number of companies that provide a review however we personally believe we offer a far greater and professional service compared to our competitors.

Company Services

Pension Review service – Why to have one?

The likelihood is you took out a plan a long time ago, its highly possible that over the years the plan is no longer performing to its optimal level. Research shows the majority of plans after being set up very really have a regular review on the performance of the plan. Aside from this the majority of the plan provider’s increase charges on the management of the plan without notifying the policy holder therefore squandering unnessacery cash within the plan.

Pension Release – What is possible?

Some individuals seek equity release for them to have now. This is currently only possible for individuals over 55 in which they can be entitled to receive 25% of their current pot – tax free.

Best Pensions Plans – What one is suitable for you?

There are a number of different plans on the open market depending on your financial needs and goals will determine which one is suitable for you. Understanding each plan is crucial and exploring each route will help astatine the most suitable plan

Fees -

We do not charge any up front fees for the service we provide and can arrange home visits. If we make a recommendation you decide to implement we will fully disclose all fees and charges before you proceed. If you would like an independent review of your existing plan simply Contact Us and a member of our team will be happy to discuss your individual situation.

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