Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is a Pension Review?

A Pension Review will look into your current pension to help you understand how well they are performing, as well as helping you to identify any old pensions that you may have forgotten about. We can then explore what options are available to you to ensure your pension money is working as hard as possible for your retirement.


Is the Pension Review free or is there a charge?

Our Pension Review service is free of charge.


Why would you conduct a free Pension Review, what is in it for you?

Very simply the majority of peoples pensions are performing at such a low level, that once they have seen the true facts, they normally decide to take action. Of course ther are certain cases where the pension is performing. These are mainly government backed pensions or schemes that are currently being managed. After identifying our clients whose pensions are not performing, we can then assist in showing you other pensions schemes available to you, which we are provided commission from.


Why should I have a Pension Review?

The majority of people we have spoken to have little or no idea how their pensions are currently performing. This can obviously lead to some suprises when it comes to retirment as more often than not the amount people have to retire on is dramatically less than expected. By carrying out a Pension Review, you will able to see how much is currently in your pension and what the approximate forecast would be for when you retire. You are then in a position to take steps to improve the situation with our guidnace, to build a bigger pension pot for your retirement.


What obligation do I have by completing a review?

You are not under any obligation to do anything if you don’t want to. Our service is to provide you with information on how you pension is performing now and how it can be improved with our help if you so choose. More often than not, once we have shown our clients how poorly there pensions are performing, they normally decide to take action.


What will I need for a review?

For us to be able to carry out a full review you will need your pension policy numbers or details of your employment history to ensure all of your pension schemes are accounted for, as well as basic information about yourself. If you are still unsure feel free to call our office on 0203 463 1306, and one of our advisors can run through the information with you.

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