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Pension review case studies?

Below are some examples of clients our Pension Review company has been able to assist.


“After talking with a friendly staff member from, they helped me locate a long forgotten pension from a previous job as well as highlighting my current pension’s poor performance. They helped me move these funds into a new, high performing fund and made the process effortless!”
Mrs. Perch.

“Michael was friendly, kind and considerate when visiting me at home to finalise the deal, he came round twice and explained everything in person to put any doubts out of my mind. He made me realise that the growth per annum I was getting was significantly lower than he could offer me and helped me change it to a much improved 8% per annum.”
Miss Thompson.

“When researched my pension it was very disheartening to learn that 4% of each payment I made was deducted which I was unaware of. They also made me aware that my pension would have to grow considerably each year in order to just break even. They explained to me how I could change my pension scheme in order to get a much better deal for myself. They took me through each step slowly explaining all the details and I decided to change to a consolidated pension scheme with I will now receive much greater returns when the time comes and we are very happy with our new policy.”
Mr. Robert Michaels.

“Thank you for analysing the flaws in my pension and writing me up a pension report. It has really shown me how inadequate my current pension arrangement was and has pushed me to start planning properly for my retirement. I am so glad that I have addressed this now as before I wasn’t addressing the issue and doing anything to keep away from the mess I knew I was in.”
Joe Hinds.

“I have been receiving a statement each year from my old pension provider and have never really paid much attention, mainly due to it been difficult to understand, except for the part that showed my pension fund was going down. I understood the time had come for me to have a report compiled on my pension and I found that, through the help of, not only was I in poor performing funds. The company was charging me over £1000 per year to lose me money. I have since taken out a SIPP with which I am now in total control over where I invest and save money on lower charges. Thanks to I am much more confident about the future”
Mr. Steve Terry.

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