Why Review?

Why use our company pension review service?

First of all, our Pension Review company will outline all the details of the different pensions you have in place currently, many people have funds that they have forgotten about from old employers and the review will help to uncover these and make sure we can get these working for you. Secondly, it will give you an overview of how your different funds are performing to see if there is room for improvement (there usually is). We can then look at what options are suitable for you to make sure you are getting the most out of the money you are setting aside for your retirement.

These are some questions to ask yourself to see if you could benefit from a free pension review:

  • Do you know exactly how much money you have saved in all of your pensions?
  • Are you sure of what returns you are getting from your current pension plan?
  • Do you know where your money is being invested?
  • Are you aware of the fees and charges associated with your different pensions? (They are often higher than you may think, especially if you have more than one plan)
  • Do you know how much income your current pensions will give you in your retirement? Will it be enough to sustain your current standard of living?

Get back in the driving seat

Many pension companies and funds are making fortunes because people aren’t looking at their pensions closely enough, they push management fees up and deliver measly returns for clients while pocketing huge profits for themselves. In some cases we have seen, the management fees actually outweighed the returns the companies were giving out, meaning that the pension fund was actually shrinking rather than growing, when you couple this with the effect of inflation you can see that this is a huge problem for people that have their retirement funds stored with these companies. When you get us to look into your current pension performance, you can take back control of your retirement income and look at other options that may be available to you. This is so that you know exactly what benefits and charges you are incurring so that you have a better handle on what you receive at retirement so you can enjoy a fantastic quality of life in your latter years.


You have worked hard for your pension, shouldnt it be working hard for you?

Your pension should be an opportunity to make money you save work for you and earn you a good return on those savings, ready for use later in life. Unfortunately, with a lot of pensions around at the minute, this is not happening, and with interest rates so low and inflation always eating away at the value of your savings, the money you are saving could be worth less now in real spending terms than it was when you first put it in. This does not have to happen to you, there are plenty of funds out there getting good returns for their customers and we can find one that is suitable for you, just contact us to find out the available options.


The time to act is now!

In a recent study, it was found that the difference between starting a pension at 25 compared with starting saving at 40 years old could mean a difference of £600,000 when it comes to retirement! This massive number is due to the lost income from not saving in those years as well as the lost returns for each year, this highlights the need to get your pension in the best performing scheme possible, as soon as possible, to maximise the amount you will receive at retirement.

Find out about your pensions?
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